Holiday In Holland Scooter Rally

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RALLY 2002

Holiday in Holland

By Simon Cuerden

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One of the factors that made this run stand out amongst the many others was the innovative use of the Internet giving information to most Scooterists. Granted you had to have Internet access, but most people have, or at least they know some one who has.

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What the website did was to provide a cross roads were all Scooterist could get all the information required from the run organisers. The site was simple to find, appearing on most search engines and linked from most of the larger club sites. Easy to navigate, the site gave a chronological history of the run with just the right amount of pictures and text to stop you wandering off. In fact the site was worth a visit whether you intended to do the run or no! The messageboard/guestbook became a compulsory read were clubs and individuals had an opportunity to inform and be informed about who would be travelling and when, best routes, ferry timings and the like. Pepper potted through out the guestbook was some “Spoof” postings that had you in stitches and made you return to read time and time again.

The origins of this run are well documented, and once again The Speed Demons and The Hidden Power Scooter Clubs excelled themselves in providing all the usual Scootering activates.

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On Friday morning most Scooterist no doubt looked up towards the heavens as the grey cloud clusters promised a wet and gloomy weekend. Little did any one know that the ensuing weekend would see a spectacular heat wave that would make Holiday in Holland a winner right from the start.

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So it was on a brilliantly hot sunny Friday afternoon in Borculo that I stood and watched as the scooters arrived. I’m not too sure on the exact numbers but Borgo of the Hidden Power SC estimated 800 British Scooterist! To compliment this, Scooterist from France, Belgium, Holland and Germany were all arriving in droves. There were the usual people who came by car but these were ushered into their separate camping area as planned.

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Friday evening was hot and this just added to the “Holiday” attitude, there were no muscles being flexed and no club stand off’s just a load of people soaking up the atmosphere the way Scooterist do.

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Entertainment for the evening was just right with three music rooms inside with three massive bars that served quickly an excellent cold beer at affordable prices. I think here is one of the many things we will take for granted but seriously there were no massive queues and the beer was ice cold strong lager! The main room was were the Fashion and Soul police had well and truly taken the night off! Leaving hot and sweaty Scooterist to party hard to some brilliant music with absolutely no boundaries! Yes it was a “Kylie” free zone, but apart from that any thing else went with the dance floor determining what was to be played. The disc jockey must have had his ego removed as he belted out tune after tune to an eager dance floor.

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A smaller downstairs room played some well serious dance sets and booming reggae blasts that on it’s own would have seen many UK dance freaks travelling a long way for! Just when you think it can’t get any better you discover the “6T’s” room! Here was Eberhart of The Harlekin Scooter Club of Guttersloh giving it large with his rather expensive record collection. I had a flick through his record box and I know there were some black plastic discs that have silly price tags, all would make any UK Soul collector drool! But it wasn’t just the same old same old! Don’t ask me how? But this room managed to fuse Northernsoul, RnB and Hammond Organ Sounds. I recon the London Scene boys should swing their hipsters over here and see how it’s done!


Outside, a warm hot summers night saw the party continue as two large bars and the food stall catered for those who just wanted to chill, smoke and enjoy each other’s company. I stood back for a moment and had to blink my eyes, it looked like a scene from “The Warriors” meets “The World Cup”. Trying to do justice to the atmosphere of camaraderie and sheer celebration is impossible. It was only Friday night and the night was going to last.


Trying to sleep late on Saturday morning was difficult to say the least; the sun by 8 O’clock was blazing and turned every tent into a greenhouse. Getting a shower was an experience to say the least but every one was well and truly warned of the cold and small facility thanks to the web site, so no teddies were thrown in the corner. After a shower, and due to the heat a cold one was a blessing in disguise, we opted to bin breakfast and ride into Borculo.


Borculo saw hundreds of Scooterist invade their quiet market town and reacted with a known response. They just went about their normal daily life, there were no staring, finger pointing or policemen to be seen, which was well cool. Food was good hot cheep and simple, consisting of the usual continental fare but you could also get “toasties” and bacon and egg!


Most of Saturday was spent between the Beer n Banana race, the custom show, dyno testing, mini parts fair, beer drinking, ride out, swimming, smoking, and chilling. Harry Barlow of Pro Porting fame was to be seen tweaking many of the Scooterist bikes to squeeze that little bit more on the Scooter Attack rolling road if you couldn’t find some thing that flicked your switch on Saturday you had most likely come by car. The weather was hot the pace was slow and relaxed.


At about 7 O’clock a few of us decided to head into Borculo for a Chinese meal. Back on the site one of the Salford Knights SC lads was celebrating his 40th birthday and I heard that a lady had come onto the site and took all her cloths of whilst dancing, and I bet she didn’t even have a scooter!


Saturday night saw a “Who” tribute band, I missed the band I’m afraid I was very very drunk at the time, the band played to a small, but appreciative audience. This small audience only re affirms the quality of the weekend, with so many excellent activities and the weather being so hot most opted to just chill out side.


Later that evening the three rooms cranked it up again poring out some rare groove cuts, soul, disco, funk, dance, washing machine and tumble dryer, the sheer diversity and top sounds left you standing like a spoilt kid in a sweet shop. I spent the night wandering from room to room trying to soak up as much of the classy vibe as humanly possible.


But as all good things must come to an end, it was soon Sunday morning. Instead of sadness there was a feeling of contentment as we said our good byes. The Edinburgh and Glasgow boys were left scratching their heads as to the whereabouts of one of their club members who mysteriously disappeared that night?


One lad had his front rack stolen and some prick had to be ejected for hassling one of the bar staff, but he had come on a motorcycle so no one really minded. I did hear of one Scooterist loosing a sock, but I’m sure that will be found. All in all a brilliant run, well organised, well attended and certainly one to look forward to next year.


There are many many fantastic Scooter Runs, but there is only one “Holiday in Holland”


See you all next year, Simon Cuerden The Armed Forces Scooter Club



1 set of house keys (British)

2 scooter keys on necklaces (possibly Lambretta)

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