Holiday In Holland Scooter Rally

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"Started by Speed Demons SC

Way back in '93."


1993 - (30 July-1 August) Borculo, Speed Demons SC helped by Tortured Maniacs (Germany) "the original headless chicken rally"

Followed by Venlo, Marcus Broix/Infernal Insects "6 toilets for 1,300 people"

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1994 - Borculo, Speed Demons SC "prize-winners' balloon ride"

Followed by Baarlo, Scootering Promotions/Infernal Insects "the oval race track"  

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1995 - Barchem, Speed Demons SC "the vibrator show & big brawl"

Followed by Venlo, Scootering Promotions "biggest attendance ever - 1,800, Quazar and Scootercross"

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1996 - Borculo, VFM (with Stockport Crusaders) by arrangement with Speed Demons SC "In memory of Dave Fowler (Speed Demons SC)"
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Dave Fowler R.I.P (with wife Lynn) 'Bang on it in Holland' '95

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1997 - Westende, Belgium, Speed Demons SC and Dedicated Castaways SC (Belgium) "Holiday in Europe lead up to Milan Euro-Lambretta"

Dedicated Castaways SC, Belgium

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1998 - (19-21 June) Midwolda, near Groningen, Speed Demons SC "last-minute tie-up with Euro-Vespa"

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1999 - Ysselsteyn, Speed Demons SC with Blijdorp Lifestyle (Holland) "the orange disco beer glass and flies fiasco"

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2000 - Borculo, Speed Demons SC and Hidden Power SC (Germany) "Right back where we started from - and the Wheel of Misfortune" FULL REVIEW

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Speed Demons SC 2000 & Hidden Power SC


2001 - Borculo, Speed Demons SC and Hidden Power SC (Germany) "Three rooms of music and a '70s bachelor party" FULL REVIEW

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1993 – Filmed for short excerpt on Hamburg TV channel Sat 1 (approx 3 minutes)

1994 – Holiday in Holland mid-week venue 'Ockenburg' near Den Haag nominated top beach on Simon Mayo’s BBC Radio One show by ‘Mr Wobble’ of St George Elite SC

1995 – Filmed for UK Channel 4 show Passengers (approx 10 minutes)


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