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  • To provide an event for scooter riders only (no fucking cars). Most people make the effort to come by scooter, and we have very few twats in cars because we charge them much more.

  • To provide a choice of music and alternative entertainment. 

  • Originally the idea was to have two rallies with a week of holiday inbetween (hence the adopted name), but this relies on someone being able to organise a following rally, which hasn't always been possible.

  • As organisers we want Holiday in Holland to be the sort of event that we would like to go to ourselves, and we run it in a relaxed manner so it is fun to put on, as well as attend.

  • We wanted to run a rally where soft drugs could be consumed quite freely, and the music could run late (HiH was started in 1993 when the music typically stopped at 1am on British rallies)


 The first event in 1993 was a joint idea of German, British and Dutch members of the Speed Demons SC (who had been running rallies in Germany since 1989), and Marcus Broix and the Infernal Insects SC who ran the second run the following week. Various clubs and individuals helped to put on the two events, which were both raving successes.

 The name 'Holiday in Holland' wasn't coined until the phrase appeared on a batch of T-shirts produced by Paul McCarthy and Gary Thomas of Scootering Magazine, which Gary sold at the event to fund his rally. The name was later adopted to jointly promote the event.


Holiday in Holland is a favourite of many people who've been, as you can see from the interviews in various scooter publications. On top of that, the various events have won notable awards in reader's surveys from the top European Scooter magazines, including:


BEST HOSTS & 2nd BEST RALLY (by reader's of Germany's Motoretta magazine)

Speed Demons SC, Borculo


BEST RALLY (by reader's of Germany's Motoretta magazine)

Scootering Promotions/Infernal Insects, Venlo


BEST INTERNATIONAL RALLY (by readers of Scootering Magazine)

Speed Demons SC, Borculo


BEST EUROPEAN RALLY OF 1997 (by readers of Scootering Magazine)

 "Holiday in Europe - Speed Demons/Dedicated Castaways Westende Belgium"



(from the 1993 Speed Demons Rally)


  1. I was moving house
  2. My scooter broke down (hundreds apparently did, but itís cheaper to run a Mercedes than fix a Vespa)
  3. I have got to come in because my boyfriend is inside.
  4. I havenít got a motorcycle licence (nor had the majority of our club at the time!)
  5. I didnít see the flyer (how the fuck did you get here then?)
  6. Itís 400 km (oh thatís almost 250 miles!)
  7. We donít own scooters (carload of stupid but honest skinheads)
  8. 150 km is too far (it would be silly to ride over 93 miles on a scooter, wouldnít it)
  9. I left the scooter at home, I will go back and get it. (?)
  10. I canít ride it. It is a custom scooter.





 Dios Ke Ventiska SC, Spain (1993)



Norwegian  Scooterist (1996)



Spanish scooterists (1994)



Spanish Steve from London (2000) whoíd first ridden to Morocco and up to the rally via Ibiza, Spain, France and Belgium. He wasnít given the trophy because we werenít sure of his story.



 Eddie Holland (Dirty Devils, Brighton GB), Beer & Banana Winner (93, 94, 95 etc)



1994 - (Hottest recorded temperatures in Holland since 1700s: 29C at midnight!)



How far is Borculo from the ferry ports?

From Rotterdam and Hook van Holland it is about 120 miles. From Ostende it is over 200 miles.

How much is entry?

If you come by scooter it is Ä15 (less than £10). We don't want anyone coming by car or van. Anyone arriving by anything other than a scooter will get charged at least Ä30 per person on the gate, made to wear a different coloured wrist band and generally discriminated against. DON'T DO IT. This event is for SCOOTER RIDERS ONLY.

Can we bring a back-up van?

Only by prior arrangement, but to prevent the back-up van being filled with lazy people, everyone in it will be charged the car rate. If it is a genuine back-up van, then we are sure the scooter riders will be happy to pay the extra entry fee for the van driver! 

Is this a family-friendly rally?

No, sorry it isn't. We don't consider the campsite at HiH a safe or suitable place for children.

Is there any accommodation available?

This is predominantly a camping rally, but there are a couple of hotels in Borculo and Ruurlo. You will have to find these yourselves if you are interested.

What facilities are on site?

The camping area is a football field and is normally perfectly flat. Careful where you park your scooter because the camping area gets VERY PACKED. There are separate Male and Female shower blocks (the water goes cold pretty quickly) which are VERY BUSY most of the morning. The toilets are like most campsites so you need to bring your own toilet paper. There is an on-site bar open every day. Breakfasts are available on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the main hall, and hot snacks (chips, sausages etc) are available at other mealtimes and late into the night.

What facilities are nearby?

In Borculo there are several cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, banks and bars. There is an open air swimming lake about 2km from the site and entry is not expensive. There is also a filling station close by.

Will there be any scooter dealers on site?

We hope so, but it is hard to persuade anyone to work on a stall so most local scooter shops just come to party. We recommend that everybody brings a reliable scooter and their own essential spares. If anybody has any mechanical problems getting to the site, let the gate staff know, and they will do their best to help or get the parts needed brought to the rally on Saturday.

How do I get a beer?

At night the bar works on a token system. You buy tokens from the table near the main hall and exchange them for drinks at the bar. This seems stupid, but it means that there are never any queues at the bar. The more tokens you buy at a time, the cheaper they are, but don't buy more than you really need because it is a common mistake to go home with a pocket full of unused (and useless) tokens.

Anything else?

HiH is famous for its laid back atmosphere. If there is anything at all that you need then just ask at the gate and the staff they will try to steer you in the right direction!!! We are happy to help.



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